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Our story

It all started by a funny coincidence when current general manager Amalie Eilertsen was tasked at the University with uncovering a market and finding gaps that could contribute to innovative solutions. In the assignment, she was to deal with biofouling on ship hulls and the technological and regulatory development, which she was initially not too keen on. But to her great surprise, she spent more time on this task than ever on any other academic project. The topic and issue were current, relevant and exciting. After uncovering critical gaps in the market, she took this on to two of her fellow students, whom she knew had the knowledge and power of action to lead this further. This is the team we know today Amalie Eilertsen (CEO), Kennet Karlsen (CTO) and Jarle Haugeried (COO), who met on the Master’s course Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology at UiA.

Alongside their studies, they worked hard with market research and technology design. Finally, just before the Christmas holidays in 2020, the port captain at Port of Kristiansand, with whom they had been in dialogue, called and told them that he had spoken to his network and explained that Norsjór had found something valuable. «You must proceed with this» he said. Thus with Norsjór a reality, in January 2021, they founded the company.

The first goal was to get NOK 100,000 in market development grants from Innovation Norway. The funding was used to test and clarify the type of wavelength to reach the requirements. Before Christmas 2022, all the tests were negative. It looked bleak for the motivated entrepreneurs. A lot of thinking and reading research characterised that Christmas holiday. In the new year, they rolled up their arms and frolicked on. Once in the spring, it sat. Positive result. Finally.

After the positive test result, they applied for NOK 900,000 through the Stud-ENT grant from IN. After completing their Master’s studies, the founders sat anxiously, without a plan B, waiting for a response from Innovation Norway. Finally, one hot day in late June, the phone rang; Norsjór was among the 20 in Norway that received the subsidy.

– This is the first start-up capital, which is the most difficult to get in place. Now we can seriously focus on our product, said Amalie Eilertsen about the matter at the time.

The capital allowed the founders to devote all their time to the project while also allowing them to purchase relevant equipment to continue testing the finished product. As a result, autumn 2022 continued in a positive direction; technology development and tests were positive, and they received an overwhelming response from the market and won several sustainability awards. In addition, they got in touch with and engaged an essential key person in the company, and at the end of 2023, Jan Eide (laser technician specialising in optics) was part of the team.

Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator

One of nine. One of over 150 interviewed companies. One of several hundred international companies.

We are the one.

After a long and demanding interview process early in 2023, they were informed that Norsjór had been accepted as one of nine companies to participate in the 2023 Equinor & Techstars Energy accelerator. 

«This day is impossible to describe at this time. The impressions and feelings around what we have achieved, what position we are in and what opportunities may come are difficult to handle. However, all the hours we worked, the times when everything looked dark, and the times we thought, «is it worth it?» are put into perspective today. We will work alongside the strong Equinor, Techstars and Capgemini in the months ahead with one common goal. NORSJÓR!

Opportunities await, and here we come. Thanks to my excellent team, Kennet Karlsen & Jarle Haugereid! We made it. We can be proud.»  said our CEO Amalie Eilertsen, about the matter then.

This is Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator: Our true aim with this program is to explore real business opportunities with Equinor. We have massive support from Equinor, Capgemini, and Sandwater! During each three-month program, we surround companies with the best mentors and an unrivalled network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni. We provide funding and fundraising opportunities, workshops and curated resources, not to mention countless moments where you can learn from your peers. It’s a proven model that’s helped build thousands of successful companies worldwide. 

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We love to share our stories and the important message behind our work. Get in touch to book an interview with our CEO and, if lucky, the rest of our amazing team. 


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Are you looking for a more personal approach from a life as an entrepreneur or learn in-depth knowledge of the enormous impact of biofouling for a stage, panel, television, radio or podcast?


It is a total proactive hull cleaning system and, thereby, no spread of invasive species, no damage to the antifouling (coating) and no spread of microplastic & toxins.

Build, release, build and full market release. We are in the first «build» phase, producing an in port remote controlled MVP for coastal vessels. Then, in the autumn of 2023, we are releasing it to several pilot customers. Finally, we focus on efficiency and automation in the second «build» phase before market release in late 2024.

Biofouling has been a problem for mariners since its origins. In the past, chemical substances such as zinc and copper have been used, which are very effective but negatively impact the sea. However, as a reaction to several regulatory changes in the industry to preserve our ocean, there are new requirements from the market. Unfortunately, today’s solutions with brushes and high pressure cannot meet all the new requirements, so there is a significant demand for new methods for removing biofouling.

We have consistently received good market feedback and have several important Loi and a paying pilot customer contract (Aurora Offshore). And we have more pilot customers in the pipeline. In addition, the World Ocean Council and TOOL nominated us as one of the top ten biofouling innovators in the world.

We can scale drastically due to our innovative technology in a market with suppression of possible technology according to today’s requirements. With our diverse team and a vast network of strategic partners, we will excel and contribute to a more sustainable maritime industry.